Why Choose

Fermata 401K

Frequently Reviewed Investment Options

Knowing your options and reviewing investments is critical to both staying compliant and encouraging employee participation in your plan. We want everyone to have the best investment experience possible, which is why we offer a complete line-up of vetted investment options.

Concierge Service

When you have a problem, you need a straight path to a solution. Working with large brokers can often mean calling an automated phone line and representatives who have no knowledge or relationship with your business. Fermata 401(k) provides dedicated support, a person you know to answer the phone any time you call.

Ongoing Education

In general, better-informed employees tend to make better financial decisions. Making regular contributions to one’s retirement plan puts them in a better spot to be able to retire. You want your employees to take advantage of the plan you have in place. Our regular retirement counseling and education to your employees can help them win in the long term.

Reasonable Fees

We understand the role that trust and transparency play in every relationship and the same applies to working with a financial advisor. Paying fees or commissions when working with a professional to help with your retirement is unavoidable — we differentiate ourselves from the pack by ensuring that our fees are fully transparent and disclosed upfront.